McCollian Farms
270 Mack Rd
Bangor, PA
United States
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Welcome To Our Farm


We are a family operated 120 acre farm located between the small communities of Bangor and Martins Creek Pennsylvania.   Besides growing crops, we manage a growing number of bee hives, beef cows and chickens.  Come back and visit us often.



What's New


We have increased our hives to 18!  Currently we have 10 hives on our farm with another 8 located about 1/2 mile south on another farm. 


Hydroponics - the method of growing plants without soil with mineral nutrient water.  We have fresh lettuce that will be ready soon!


Looking for fresh eggs?  We've added more hens to our flock and will have fresh eggs mid summer.


Coming soon!  We are working on a stand where you can come and purchase things more easily.  Visit our site often for updates.    



We have honey straws for easy convenience.  Keep them in your car or purse.  Different flavors or just plain honey.  See our Raw Honey page for current Bee and honey info.














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